3103, 2017

Van Build Post #3 – Fitting Bonded Side Windows

I agonised long and hard whether to fit side windows, my old van was a full on panel van. Many arguments for (light, views, improved ventilation) and against (reduced insulation, less secure, reduced stealth) but in the end I mostly decided I wanted to enjoy the view if it was raining, so decided fit a […]

3003, 2017

Van Build Post #2 – Stripdown, Insulation and Soundproofing begins

First jobs were to strip out the interior, lose the stuff I don’t need, check the condition of the floor and make a start on soundproofing and insulation. Boring stuff, but arguably the most important part of the build. I’ll be camping in extremes of temperature, the highs of Southern Europe and the lows of […]

2903, 2017

Tintype / Europa Adventure Van Build Post #1 – Introduction

Here’s a lengthy, picture heavy intro to my ongoing Sprinter project…

The Van

I picked it up last month after some last second bidding on a popular auction site, having viewed and test driven it the week previous and being very impressed. It’s a 2001 MWB T1N, 2.1 CDi with an unusually low 160k miles on the […]