2904, 2017

1973 Ragtop Beetle Restoration – 2007cc Stroker Motor, Fuchs

One long post chronicling the rebuild and restoration of a 1972 1200 model VW Beetle between June 2009 and August 2010. And a bit more in 2016/2017. Words mostly lifted from the Durmah Dubbers/Flat4dubs forum, hence the conversational style of reportage. :p

1. Well as some of you may remember I had this on the road […]

1604, 2017

Van Build Post #5 – Fitting a Dometic / Seitz Midi Heki Rooflight

Another job that could have been done in an afternoon but had to be spread over a few days dodging rain to compensate for the poor quality North of England weather.

So…I was left with a Midi Heki that I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to fit, now the Maxxfan was in. I wasn’t overly impressed […]

404, 2017

Van Build Post #4 – Removing the Mercedes factory glass sunroof – reducing the hole in the roof – fitting a Maxxair Maxxfan

Lengthy, picture heavy post ahead…

With the windows in, thoughts turned upwards…to the roof. I was really keen to have a source of natural light, and potentially some means of forced ventilation. The van had a fixed Mercedes factory sunroof towards the front, which turned out to leak in heavy rain.

Not forgetting the later addition of […]