Headin’ up for the main event… I worked at Beamish Museum for 5 years (2009-2014). For the uninitiated, Beamish is an open air, living museum in the heart of Co. Durham with areas to represent differing time periods – Georgian/Edwardian in the time I was there. I had some times along the way – some great, some not so, and met some wonderful people along the way. And some not so wonderful ones, ha!

Whilst my official role there was never to be a photographer, with such a diverse and interesting set of people and backdrops, it would’ve been rude not to indulge. I made sure that I didn’t miss an opportunity to make images, often in my own time and at my own expense. Most of these were only made possible with the eagerness and generosity of Paul Jarman (see his website here), a kindred spirit in many ways, not least in the sense of wanting to create great things.

All images copyright Andy Martin.

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