I first spotted Hahnemann Court way back in the summer of 2006. This was quite a productive period in the early days of my night photography, and not having a job meant days (and nights) trawling the looking for new locations.

I’d spied Hahnemann Court a few times when driving through Southwick but one day it caught my eye properly so I took a closer look, and was mightily impressed with the original 1960s signage and futuristic looking concrete suspended walkways which could be seen from round the back.

Even with the nearby Dray and Horses pub being reasonably busy, and Southwick Green just around the corner, Hahnemann Court seemed entirely detached from the rest of Southwick, if not Sunderland. As time passed and I came to learn more about the building, it was quite clear that the residents had always seen themselves as being a gated community with their own pride, their own values and a wonderful community spirit.

Unfortunately, an ageing population and neglect of regular maintenance meant the building was less than half full in its final days and in a poor state. The decision to demolish it brought sadness but wasn’t a surprise.  I spent the best part of 5 years photographing the building inside and out, right up until the demolition was complete.  As I write this, a shiny new LIDL stands where ‘The Big HC’ once lived.

I registered a domain to put all of the images, 360 degree panoramas, as well as images of the signs and artefacts I rescued from the building back in 2012. The domaing still sits there with a ‘Coming Soon’ holding page….maybe one day I’ll finally get around to finishing it… Until then, here’s a small selection of the many images I took of Hahnemann Court.

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