Another job completed recently was the recovering of the headliner and utilising the wasted space above head height in the cab.

I had looked at potentially putting one in from a low roof sprinter and adding the shelf above, as someone else on the Sprinter forum had done successfully. However, finding a reasonably priced one in the UK seemed impossible and the space gained seemed minimal. So, adding a shelf to the original one was the only feasible option.

Mine was in reasonable condition, a bit of water staining but no damage. New fabric which will feature in the rest of the van quite a lot – a nice textured grey upholstery number.

Roped in the parents to help on this one, and very helpful they were too. Measure lots before cutting.

Left the original fabric on as a good key for the glue I used – Trimfix spray high temp contact adhesive.

Did small sections at a time, and it was more flexible than it first seemed, went into the curves and corners well thankfully.

The shelf itself – a cardboard template was made to fit the space, and after lots of trial fits a ply version was cut, then covered.

Before being bolted to the headliner with some sturdy, out of sight brackets on the sides, and 3 bolts on the front. Solid.

The cab roof had been previously silent coated and closed cell foam sheeted, now it was time for Thinsulate. The voids around the door and windscreen were filled with Dinitrol cavity wax and stuffed with loose Thinsulate at this point, too. Here it is half fitted.

And the headliner in place, with a ledge added to stop things rolling off when on the road.

Sun visors and lights refitted, with wires pre-threaded to accommodate future additions of dashcam and maybe some gauges.

If anyone has any non-wrinkled grey sunvisors in the UK going spare, let me know!